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Welcome to one of the most captivating climbing areas in Mexico located in Monterrey, Nuevo León. “El Salto” is a paradise for motivated climbers who have been training hard. It is perfect to polish your grade and try different routes of the same level. One month of climbing at “El Salto” is a guaranteed level upgrade.

In this pocket guide we share with you some tips for plan your next rocktrip to “El Salto”. Just be careful, because we assure you that you will want to stay and live in this place!

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Plan your rocktrip!

The previous planning of our trips has been the formula to know as much as possible about each place and to travel with realistic and accessible budgets.

Here are some tips to help you plan your rocktrip to El Salto!

The town is located in the municipality of Santiago, approx. 2 hours from the city of Monterrey, if you take the road through the Ecotourism Park Cola de Caballo, a waterfall inside the park of approximately 25 meters. In the park you will find barbecue grills, rest areas, parking and horse rental. The road on this side of the park is quite steep and with sharp curves, so you should be careful when driving and check your car's brakes. 

You can also take the road to “Saltillo” and get to La Ciénega through San José de las Boquillas, a beautiful road where you will see apple orchards and beautiful views. The road on this side is on the highway and you will have to pay 2 tolls. It will take you approx. 3 to 4 hours to get there. We recommend you to take the private highway and not the free road if you go this way, as there are usually many truck accidents. 

Getting to “El Salto” by bus can be a bit complicated. You will have to get to the “Central de Autobuses de Monterrey” and take a bus to Santiago that goes through "El Cercado". There you must get off and wait for another bus bound for "Laguna de Sanchez" . The locals call this bus "La Pecera". The bus to “Laguna de Sanchez” passes through the town of La Ciénega where you must get off. It only runs twice a day in the morning, around 8:00 - 9:00 am and at noon between 12:00 - 1:00 pm. By bus you will spend around MXN200 - MXN300. 

Another way to get there is by Taxi or Uber, we leave you the contact of Luis, a cab driver who is dedicated to take climbers to El Potrero Chico or El Salto. The cost of a trip to “El Salto” will cost you around MXN 1,000. 

Phone number: +52 1 81 2207 6287


This is NOT a route guide.

El Salto, Pocket Guide 

(English – Spanish)

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