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Welcome to rock climbing Guatemala Amatitlan, the most developed rock climbing area in Central America, with 126 sport climbing routes up to 35 meters high.

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Discover rock climbing at the Peñón of Amatitlan and climb like a local in the most developed crag of Guatemala and Central America.

Rock Climbing Guatemala Amatitlan is located approximately 1 hour from the capital city, right in front of Lake Amatitlán, one of the most iconic points of this city. 

Public Transportation
From Guatemala City use the Transmetro, taking the route to the Centra-Sur station where you should get off and walk to the bus station to take the bus to Amatitlan. Ask the driver to drop you off at the stop where the soccer fields are located very close to the Lake Amatitlan pier. From there you can walk 20 minutes to the Peñón in the direction of the Lake's pier. When you are at the pier you should walk along the lake to the left. Passing the Rowing Federation you will see the Peñon. You can also take a "tuc tuc" motorcycle cab that will take you in 5 minutes to the entrance.

El Peñón de Amatitlan is located 27 kilometers from the capital city taking Calzada Aguilar Batres towards Escuintla or "El Puerto". Passing Villanueva before reaching the city of Amatitlan, you must turn around the traffic circle that will take you back towards the city, where you must cross to the right on the old road that leads to Lake Amatitlan. When you arrive at the Lake's pier, you must cross to the left and pass the Rowing Federation.

If you are in Antigua Guatemala we recommend using Uber or a cab to get to the Rock, since the arrival by public transport is not very accessible. You can put in Waze the location "Belay Partners Hostal".


Constant updating of new routes and changes in the crag!

Peñon of Amatitlán Climbing Guide (SPANISH)


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