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We have dedicated 10 years of our life to explore different climbing wonders, communities and people. We want to share our experiences with you! 

That’s why we’ve created these pocket guides from different places of the world, with valuable information that will allow you to plan your next 5-star experience rocktrip with a budget that’s comfortable for almost any climber. 


Rock Climbing Amatitlan

Discover rock climbing in Amatitlan, one of the most developed crags in Guatemala and Central America.
Guidebook Rocktrip​ Xela

Rock Climbing Xela

Discover Xela rock climbing in Cerro Quemado, an ancient volcano that exploded hundreds of years ago.
road to rock climbing viñales crag

Rock Climbing Viñales Cuba

Discover rock climbing in Viñales, Cuba and enjoy climbing on giant tuffas for a 3D experience like nowhere else in the world.
el salto climbing

Rock Climbing El Salto

Discover one of the hardest climbing in Mexico. Beautiful tufa routes in caves, roofs and vertical walls.
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Climbing Guidebook of Amatitlan

Get the digital guide of the largest climbing crag in Guatemala and Central America.

Everything you need to know about the crag and routes!

Listen to our Podcast

Everything you need to know to plan your next rocktrip. In each episode we will talk about a different destination and have special interviews with local climbers.

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