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Welcome to Cerro Quemado in Xela, Quetzaltenango!

The second most developed rock climbing area in Guatemala with more than 20 sport climbing routes on giant walls that are located on part of what was an ancient volcano that exploded in 1765, causing an earthquake that destroyed the town of Sipacapa. From the Cerro Quemado or also called Almolonga Volcano or La Muela you can see the city of Quetzaltenango, the second largest in Guatemala.

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Xela is located 206 km northwest of Guatemala City in a mountainous valley in the highlands of the country with an average altitude of 2333 meters above sea level. 

From Guatemala City you have several options. 

-Take a chicken bus in "El Trébol"  from where the bus leaves or in the Peri Roosvelt Shopping Center, where all the buses that go to the highlands of the country pass. The cost of the chicken bus is the cheapest option, but less comfortable. 

You can also take a Pullman bus:

  • Galgos that leaves from 7a. Avenida 19-44 zona 1, Guatemala City. 
  • Marquensita 1a. Avenida 21-31 zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
  • Alamo 12 Avenida A, 0-65 zona 7, Guatemala City
  • Línea Dorada 16 calle 10-03 zona 1, Guatemala City Guatemala City
  • Aeroruta Maya Avenida Hicapié and 18 calle final zona 13, Guatemala City.


If you are traveling by car from the city, take Calzada Roosevelt towards Quetzaltenango. When you arrive in the city, head towards the historic center and follow the road to Almolonga for 10 minutes. Turn right at Cantón Chicua and then uphill until you reach the town where you will find several parking lots to leave your car. 

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